We are closing complex technical positions in IT and creative positions in the field of digital marketing

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About Bisseti

We form a core team from scratch and look for talent for existing teams. our clients are IT companies regardless of their field (products, outsourcers, R&D centers, and startups).
Expertise and specialization
We take on only those vacancies where we have successful cases. Our expertise is our networking, constant work with candidates, many years of experience and analytics.
Reduction of hiring terms
Our strength is knowledge of the market, automation of hiring processes, a wide range of tools and team effectiveness.
Quality, not quantity
We provide candidates not only with appropriate qualifications, but also interested in your company and vacancies.
High standards and a deep dive into individual issues help us solve problems where most recruiters give up
Bisseti are experts in a wide range of issues at the intersection of Human Resources, Talent sourcing and business consulting
closed vacancies in Ukraine, Europe, USA
formed teams in a short time (office/remote)
years of experience
Tetyana Tarasyuk is the founder and owner of the recruiting agency Bisseti
10+ years of experience in IT recruiting in Ukraine, the USA, Europe — the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic
Senior IT recruiter with experience in internal recruiting, HR
Gathered teams in a short period of time (from 2 weeks to 2 months), integrated specialists into teams
In 6 months, increased the X6 teams (from 15 to 90 employees) and their working time in the X2 company (from six months to a year)

When we can be useful

The necessary people do not seem to exist on the labor market, and you do not know where to find them
Your company has a high staff turnover
Recruiting agencies instead of specialists provide simply fill with irrelevant CVs
You do not understand why competitors easily hire A-level specialists, and you have a constant shortage of personnel
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Bisseti agency selects specialists according to a special 7-step process

Briefing (familiarization, discussion of requirements, concise analysis)
Immersion in the business processes and culture of the company or project
Studying the market and forming a pipeline for vacancies
Comprehensive assessment of candidates in terms of key competencies
Organization of interviews and support
Job offers
Accompanying the candidate until the end of the trial period

By ordering specialist search at Bisseti, you will receive

Analysis of the labor market by vacancies
By the number of specialists, their quality, experience, level, salary expectations
Worked proposal
Let's take a deep look at who exactly you are looking for and what kind of person will suit you
Help in setting up internal recruiting
Let's fix the weak points in the company's hiring processes
An ideal employee or team
A-players in the market that meet your requirements and requests

Your guarantees

You will get not just new employees, but the best experts in your field and reliable partners
You are no longer worried about whether it will be possible to find the same specialist, assemble a team, or prepare a worthy replacement for the employee
Grow your business faster and more efficiently with a strong team while focusing on bigger business challenges
Saving time
Do not waste time and nerves on searches, calls, business correspondence with agencies, candidates, private recruiters


We guarantee that we will find you a specialist or a team according to your request. We don't promise any instant results. But if the position needs to be filled  "yesterday", we definitely won't tell you that it is impossible
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You will gain an understanding of:
Situations on the market regarding the specialists you are looking for
Levels of specialists, adequate salary expectations, demand for them
Where to look for specialists, and how long it will take
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